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Hmmm. Some Battlestar Galactica in my Clone Wars?

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If you haven’t read this, you should.

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More stick of truth. I’m a thief (strongly considered Jew [yes “Jew” is a playable class]…maybe next play through) and enjoying it.

A few people have asked me my opinions on this game. I really like it and here’s a few key points why:

1. It looks and feels like you’re playing an episode of South Park and it works. The artwork is spot on. It plays like you want it to play. The humor is there. Cartman is a huge dick. But yeah that’s a very strong reason for my enjoyment of it really.

2. Turn based combat and RPG mechanics. I LOVE the turn based combat. I play Keyboard and Mouse and while a few things didn’t feel right (dragonshout), overall the controls worked well for me. All the classes in combat have pseudo QTE/button mashing sequences that go along with each attack. I could see how they’d be a huge turn off, but me for me I think Im able to ignore them because they’re as ridiculous as the rest of the game so they don’t really feel like they get in the way. But to keep it simple combat-wise, it didn’t feel too dissimilar from something like…persona 3 or the old final fantasy ATB meter, but with no timer. Throw in unlocking abilities and upgrades on those abilities through xp and a stats game with gear to collect (including set pieces and stat bonuses) and lots of junk to sell and it’s got a real RPG flavor to it.

Overall I’m enjoying stick of truth. I’m going through it slowly and thoroughly partially because I’m aware it’s not a long game and partially because I’m lazy.

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Oh yeah, this happened tonight. Enjoying every second of it.

My FONV experience has been infinitely better than most because of the magic of mods. Many artists put in significant hours of work to make my games not only look better, but also play better and are just an overall significantly better experience than vanilla. So thank you.

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Where I eventually stopped w the tattoo texturing so I could play the game. Nope. Still modding.

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Veronica’s backstory just got a ton more complicated

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Still tinkering. Fortunately, there are a decent number of great artists I can thank for making FONV a much better experience.